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Eco-Eatery Tour

From Eco-Eatery Tour @ Flatbush Farm February 2007
The Eco-Eatery Tour highlights New York City restaurants that are sustainable in nature, utilize compost practices, support local agriculture and provide organic food and beverages. It is a great way both to meet your neighbors and to support local businesses and farms.

To be highlighted on the Eco-Eatery Tour, a restaurant, café or bar must meet at least 3 of the following criteria:
• Offers Organic, Seasonal Produce and Organic/Biodynamic Beverages
• Offers Sustainably Raised/Wild Fish and Meat
• Practices Fair Trade Policies (including the selling of Fairly Traded Items–wines, coffee, teas, etc.)
• Vegetarian and/or Vegan Friendly
• Uses Biodegradable Take-Out and Delivery Supplies
• Grows Own Food and/or Utilizes Local Farms
• Recycles and/or Composts
• Supports and Utilizes Alternative Energy and Uses Energy Efficient Appliances
• Builds & Furnishes with Recycled and Renewable Materials
• Uses natural, non-toxic, chemical free cleaning supplies and for pest control or uses integrated pest management (IPM)

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