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From City Wide Supper Club, October 2008

Each season we gather together for a citywide feast. Each Citywide Supper Club celebrates a season of delicious meals, fruitful discussion & local community building. These events feature speakers, and provide a forum for discussing a sustainable future. Attendees are encouraged to bring food and/or drink that is fresh, local, seasonal and organic. Admission for this event is $5 pre-pay online or $8 at the door.

Why do we encourage vegan and vegetarian fare at the Supper Club?
Meat is the No. 1 cause of global warming. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the livestock industry accounts for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than is produced by every form of transportation combined. It's also a major source of water degradation. While we applaud farmers who choose ecologically responsible and humane production and processing methods over the traditional agri-business prototype, the more we get in the habit of eating plant-based foods, the smaller our environmental footprints.

Why do we encourage local/seasonal/organic fare at the Supper Club?
Organically produced food is much better for the land (and our bodies!) than conventional methods of farming. Eating locally means that our food travels fewer miles to get to us, therefore using less fuel. When we buy from local farmers we're supporting our neighbors and helping to keep farming in our area – a good thing! Eating seasonally means no strawberries in winter (if you're in NYC) and no winter squash in June. This is beneficial because it also means that your food will travel fewer miles to get to you.

Ideas for Supper Club Sharing
Eat Well Guide - find good food near you!
Council on the Environment of New York City - find a Greenmarket near you!

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