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hi everyone

i have a craftily designed end table that was a gift from a friend. it's the only piece of furniture i value in vast collection of ...well no other furniture. unfortunately, a friend's 5yr old child mistook it for a ladder. ouch. i could fix this in a variety of ways but i thought it would be interesting to put some photos of the crime scene on display to get advice on the best or most creative way to move forward. i would like to keep to the original integrity of the structure, only incorporating additional support (metal, etc) if recommended. i'm amazed at the original design in that the support for each sharply angled table leg consists of only one big dowel and one screw. looks cool, seems so wrong (see photos). i'm open to all kinds of ideas, including use of alternative materials/composites, etc.

please have a look at the two photos i attached below and hit me with your thoughts...

thanks all!

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Try "General Nightmare" on Columbia Street in Brooklyn...



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